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Added security for your customers' online transactions is a definite must in this age of identity theft and fraud. More than ever, consumers everywhere are wary of online scams and other unscrupulous practices - as such, their trust is the lifeblood of your business.

No customer would want to give their information to any website involved in spamming, phishing or spyware distribution, let alone want anything to do with them. Through the help of our programs, the growth of your business is guaranteed. WebGuardian's certification will directly increase the number of people that will invest their time and finances with your organization.

Our outstanding certification programs are designed to secure the privacy of your customers. With WebGuardian's seals in place, anyone interested in your products and services can purchase in confidence, knowing that their personal and financial information are in safe hands.

Having a solid relationship with your partners is important in a business, therefore certification is needed to enforce their confidence in you. Our stringent standards for web privacy and security will maintain your company's reputability among your colleagues, whose trust is just as important as that of your customers.

Certification Process

01 Submit an application form through our website by or calling our office. We accept payments through credit card to ensure the security of your transaction
02 You'll receive an acknowledgment of approval and invoice of payment along with a questionnaire. This will thoroughly evaluate the specific business practices conducted on your website and how they hold up to online privacy standards.
03 Our team of specialists will go over the submitted questionnaire and perform a comprehensive analysis of your website. We will contact you for any required modifications needed to comply with our regulations.
04 Once our evaluation is complete, we'll send you the results and the terms of agreement that you need to review and sign prior to certification.
05 We will contact you to confirm your certification with us and award your website with our seal of approval.


If you are interested in getting certified with WebGuardian, kindly submit an application today. You can fill out our online form here, or speak to one of our representatives by calling us at (insert phone number).

Certified Quality Site
This seal certifies that your company follows the high standards that all of our approved websites are required to comply with. The visitor is assured of your company's honest and open practices that give importance to their interests.

Certified Secure
Your customers can rest easy, knowing that we have guaranteed the safety of all transactions placed through your website.

Secure Email
Visitors will be sure that they will only get the information they requested from your site as their email address will not be solicited to third-party companies. They can sign up for any newsletters without hesitation, courtesy of the option to cancel their subscription at any time.

Advantages of Certification

  • We'll keep you up to date on the latest developments in web privacy and the best practices to maintain the high standards of your website's security.
  • Maintain a solid reputation among your customers as well business partners with our seal to signify your ethical activities.
  • You'll be part of our sealholders, a list of trusted websites that have undergone our strict evaluation procedures. Those that have passed our extensive criteria will be part of the esteemed registry of websites that benefit from steady revenue built on consumer trust.
  • Our seal of approval will assure your potential and existing customers that their privacy is a top priority during all their dealings with your company.